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Sedbergh Pepperpot Club

Sedbergh Pepperpot Club was founded in 1997 and exists to encourage any who wish to take up orchestral instruments and widen their music horizons.

Patron: Anna Markland,  BBC Young Musician of the Year 1982
Registered Charity Number 1087220.

More information: Sedbergh Pepperpot Club and Pepperpot Music Makers

The club has some orchestral instruments available for loan with no hiring fee, merely a nominal payment for insurance cover, and there is support for promising young players of orchestral instruments living in and around Sedbergh and District.

Members pay a small subscription to join. In return they are offered a varied programme of mainly cultural events. Further funds for the young musicians are raised by means of a levy of a £1 ‘peppercorn’ per person per event attended. Thus for the member, the fund-raising to assist in the musical education of local young people can go hand in hand with the opportunity for a continuing appreciation of the arts in general, often difficult to achieve in a rural district like ours.

Pepperpot Music Makers

Learning and practising a musical instrument can seem a solitary pastime; part of the fun in music-making is to play with other instrumentalists. In order to give young children this experience and to foster their interest in music, the Pepperpot Music Makers ‘orchestra’ was established in October 2000 as a result of successful bids for funding. The ‘orchestra’, which rehearses after school at Sedbergh Primary School, is open to children aged 7 to 11 (including those from other schools within striking distance) who are already learning to play instruments. These may include ocarinas, recorders, guitars, keyboards as well as non-transposing orchestral instruments. Folk, pop and classical music all feature.